Hey guys! So I went for a drive today and got myself a new (second hand) guitar.
You can check the pictures out at the link here, I think it's easier than embedding them.
The RG1570

I got it for an absolute steal because the guy needed the cash to pay for another guitar he had coming. I felt bad, but at the same time he was upgrading so I don't think he was too worried. The trade went smoothly.

Anyway onto the instrument! Right out of the case it plays pretty sweet. I'll probably get a set up done on it just to get things perfect because the action was a little high towards the higher frets. It's also missing the trem arm. Condition is very good, but has a few dings here and there. Not something that bothers me personally though


It sounds great. I can't speak for the stock pickups as they are not installed. Instead it came with a bunch of seymour duncans . got a JB, Classic Stack and Pearly Gates. They all sound very different to eachother, but very good. Between the volume knob and the 5 way selector I was able to get a huge range of tones out of my JCA50H. Nice cleans, Nice heavy tones, and everything in between. Very responsive and very versatile all round.

Neck is super thin. I like it, but it's a bit of a change from my old main guitar which was a Schecter Hellraiser C1. I'm going to get the schecter set up for some sort of drop tuning now (still deciding), and have the Ibanez as my main axe. I think this new guitar is going to perfectly complement the Schecter giving me a wide range of tones.

It's a good instrument guys and girls, be happy for me please.
nice guitar! i have a 1570 as well. solid guitars and good prices dirt cheap. you will be very happy.
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Happy NGD! Now go play the hell out of it!
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Thanks guys. It only set me back $650 AUD in the end. Pretty awesome bargain considering the pickups, hard case and Australian pricing if you ask me!