Ok so Ive been tinkering around with a "50s" version of the Jimmy Page wiring scheme with dpdt switches instead of push pull pots on my ES-175. The bridge pickup side works fine. Coil split and phase switch works as it should.

When I switch to the neck pickup or flip the series switch, all I get is loud hum/buzz. I made sure the color codes were correct for the 57s, started with all new pots switches and caps, checked everything 3 times no wires or solder joints touching, wiring is correct to diagram, no noise from bridge pickup. Every video tutorial I have watched is with the guitar already wired and they don't even play it! How am I supposed to know if their layout works?

Now I'm starting to think maybe something else is off and not me anymore. I'll post it and I would greatly appreciate any feedback from someone who has done this mod. Could this be due to a faulty switch or pot? Or maybe a bad solder joint on the back of one of the neck pots?

I've noticed when soldering with rosin core that the rosin will sometimes melt and appear to layer itself under the solder. Could something like this possibly be blocking connection? It doesn't seem like it but I thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

This is the diagram I followed
Jonesy or whatever his name is did a pretty good video on the jimmy page wiring harnesses he made where he goes through all 20 or so tones. Deaf Eddie comes up a lot too and apparently his schematic has 2 or 3 extra tones but I took one look at the diagram and went NOPE.

so both pickups coilsplit for that buzzing isolated coil sound
both pickups go parallel for a weak hum cancelling single coil like sound
both pickups go series (full power)
and all of the above sounds but out of phase which is the most fun one to wire.
it's like a control scheme for how it works.

first things first, put the guitar in a clean setting with parallel and see if the buzzing continues. If so a grounding issue. Be sure to touch the strings or something metal just in case this is an indicator. This also ensures that your guitar doesn't have the gain up too high as say 7 or 8 gain on one guitar setting with super high gain pickups vs a vintage humbucker can be two different things.

coil splits buzz by the way that is normal. I don't know why guys bother with that mod (I've wired 100 guitars easily)
coil tap (parallel) is a weaker hum cancelling variant good for cleans but it's a big volume drop.

next thing check for cold solders. Doing a wiring this intricate I wouldn't doubt your soldering abillities though. I've done this wiring twice and it's tough. I do have some tips though. For example you can solder to the sides of pots to ground and you can use the extra bit of leads from capacitors to ground volume pots for example.

hope I could help. If 50s wiring was a headache next time use linear potentiometers. You retain the highs of classic 50s wiring but with less effort. Linear as they roll back go in equal increments instead of "A500k" which you'll see and experience on most other guitars.

some other schematic ideas
the Seymour Duncan P-Rail wiring #3 in the "p-rail bible" google search. It does 12 tones, This works with any 4 wire pickup you know the color code. You can easily add a phase switch to it if needed. This gives you the option to try other tone knobs out there like the mids scoop I talk a lot about on here, the fender greasebucket mod that gets rid of the really harsh highs at super high gain settings and so forth.One winter I was doing a concept to out do jimmy pages wiring.
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Thanks tallwood! 'Preciate the quick reply. Out-do Jimmy page? Blasphemy! Haha Jk that would be fun once I get a handle on what I've got now lol.

I'm familiar with single coil buzz, but this sounds more like if you were to put your finger on the end of a guitar cable. And they're gibson 57 classics so not really high gain. It does not go away when I touch anything (bridge, strings, amp) and gets the same buzz with the phase switch but not the series/parallel.

This is what's making me think it's the diagram: I wired it up fully before soldering by just making ties with the wire. I know this doesn't make solid connections, but it had the exact same problem. So I went ahead and soldered thinking there just might be a loose connection but still the same. I didn't think of trying the side of the pot tho, good suggestion. And I did actually run the Orange drop cap leads through the lug to solder and I'll def check out the linear pots there next time I get some.

The amp is plugged into a grounded outlet through a furman conditioner. The first time I tried the "normal" JP Seymour Duncan scheme I got nothing. That's why I went for a different one.

Side note: I've read that this is one of the most complicated guitar mods out there and I believe it now haha. But I'm not doing it just to do it, from what I could tell with the bridge pickup it really does help thin out some of the hollow-body's boxy tone that overpowers my playing. I could try a different schematic or just go back to stock...but it's already at least halfway there on its third go around and it sounds so damn good!!
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I think I might see your problem. Look at the top left pot, Bridge Volume 500K Push/pull. Both green and black wires from that pickup going to the SAME CONTACT...which is creating a dead short at that pickup. All other pickup wires go to different contacts. I don't know which contact it should go to, but if you short both wires of a pickup you get what you described, a loud hum.

Edit - OK I might be wrong, after reading again I see you say the bridge pickup works fine...now it sounds really odd...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
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I know! Weird, right? I'm leaning more towards a faulty 3-way or toggle switch, or a diagram problem since I should normally be able to somewhat wrap my head around it. Hmm...maybe I'll trace back the neck pickup leads after what you were saying about the contact short, tho. I dont have any extra parts without ordering and I haven't played my guitar in 3 weeks :/ I really hope someone can say "oh, yea just move this here" and not "man, that sounds like your switch is fried" haha. The normal SD layout is much different looking from this one so I can't compare and troubleshoot from that very easily.
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If it makes anyone feel better about answering, I'm not trying to sound like Jimmy page lol.
glad I could help. I was never a big led zepplin fan. I was asked by a customer and I said how hard could it be. One of the more interesting wiring diagrams I designed with a friend on here had 4 volumes (no tone) and a 3 way. But each volume was for a coil in the humbucker. I had no idea what I was going to name it but I keep referring to it as chameleon wiring. Each pickup coil could be blended in as much as you would want. Also another difficult one is Jerry Donahue telecaster wiring. I could do jerrys standing on my head though.

Worst case scenario there is two options. seymour duncan triple shots are a new option on the market to try out. They have two mini toggles on each mounting ring which are low profile or whatever but were kind of expensive. Wiring schematic wise these are some ideas the option #2

it's possibly to add a phase reversal somewhere there of course
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I've got two vol and two tone tho :/ I'm thinking at this point since I just want to play the damn thing lol...to somehow adapt the diagram I used to working as is but with a "stock" config of the neck pots. At least that might take those components out of the equation so I can see if it's one of these shitty brand new CTS pots. I hate these things! I had to make the knob holes in the guitar top bigger and my knobs don't fit on them! Kinda pissed ab that!!

I've got brand new Gibson 57 classics in there so I probably won't be changing the pickups anytime soon haha.

WCS I'm just gonna take it out and put it back to stock with a couple of coil splits. Still tho...you're right, it should not be this hard! Something's off here and I'm about to flip lol...
Upon further inspection of a diyguitarmods schematic, and a reply from Steve@39 from gearslutz, it would appear that the phase switch is shorting to ground. I'll investigate.

Tallwood, that is super interesting tho. Chameleon wiring. I like it! maybe I'll try something similar when I get my PRS going again.
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