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It always seemed odd to me that some people drink whole milk rather than skim. That's like eating the candy AND the wrapper. Whole milk always ****s my stomach up. Therefor no one should drink whole.
I drink it straight from the cows tits, so whatever comes out of there.
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I cook with whole milk. When i used to drink milk I usually had skim milk because whole milk made me feel too full.
drink: soya, i'm not a baby cow.
cook: whole, otherwise I might as well be using water instead.

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Whole milk is like ridiculously fatty.
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Skim milk is like buying candy and ONLY eating the wrapper
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Cow milk is bad for you. I drink almond, only in my coffee. Once you turn like five you don't need milk anyway.
I am a bit freaked out because I was going to make this exact thread last night but was like lolnah.
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Semi skimmed.

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What on earth is skim milk?
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Entirely fat free milk.

Or, as Jay correctly affirmed, water that's lying about being milk.
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I wish I was American.

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semi skim milk.

full skim tastes like water with chalk in it.
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No-one should drink milk. Unless you're a baby cow.
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That's just so wrong though.

Infants, of any species, drink milk because their bodies can process it and it's nutrient rich. That doesn't mean those qualities just disappear once you stop becoming a nipple leech. If something has nutritional value and is otherwise a healthy component of a diet then its consumption shouldn't be discouraged.
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I wish I was American.

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Whole milk all the way.

Even better when it's just filtered and refrigerated, directly from the tank at the farm ! 4.3% milk is so good !
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Whatever green is. Semi-skimmed I think.
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I haven't drank milk in probably like a year or more. If I do milk, it's almond milk.
1% master race.
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I prefer skim, though not necessarily for flavor reasons. I lift weights and try to maintain a high protein diet to support it. Skim milk is one of the best ways to get a lot of protein without all the other junk that most high-protein foods have (such as, you know, whole milk.) Unfortunately, the rest of the family thinks skim is gross, so we usually split the difference and get low-fat.
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I prefer whole milk to skim, it tastes diluted. whole milk's a lot better for cooking too imo. but skim or 2% makes protein shakes a little better
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i drink whole milk sometimes if it's around and i'm eating cookies or something.

for the most part i only ever have some for a recipe though, but even then i rarely have a recipe call for whole milk specifically. more often it's heavy cream or something similar.

i pretty much just use whatever's around for cereal and cookies though. 2% most of the time.
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both are unethical hmu

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Almond milk, or Coconut milk. Never drink cow milk, youre insane. I bet you also drink soda and coffee. Only water in the liver, never quiver.
I always drink water, milks gross yo
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Full fat milk is too much and skimmed milk tastes like milkified water. Semi-skimmed is where it's at. 1% milk isn't too bad either.
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