Yesterday I dismounted my old effect board where I had, in this order

Whawha (morley)

Auto wha
Turbo overdrive
multi overtone mo2

looper rc3

(all boss pedals except the Morley)

(of course you can also disagree with this sequence)

I mostly play reggae in a tribute band and effects are not so frequently used (yes I could use less pedals, probably). I rarely use more than one at a time, except:

wha or autowha with overdrive, or with flanger

I have also distortion in the amp (Marshall vs65), so I think it would be useless to put the boss Turbo-overdrive at the end of the chain.

Effects are not in send-return.

Now I would like to be able to bypass them since they are not true-bypass, so I bought a Boss line selector, with 3 options (Bypass, loop A, loop B).

I would like to have a suggestion on the configuration, so far I think of:


So for example it would be impossible to use the overdrive with the flanger.

However, the line selector has also the possible to use channe A+B in mix:

so in some way I will be able to use all pedals together.

Suggestion, comments, hints, criticism are appreciated.

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Quote by sandrokan750
Now I would like to be able to bypass them since they are not true-bypass,
I am fairly certain BOSS pedals are true bypass. I could be wrong though.

Edit: Oh hey I'm wrong. Learn everyday.

So you have the Wah and Comp always active, with the two loops switchable? You could put your OD in front of the amp with the Wah and Comp. Would it be possible to use an FX loop on your amp (if you have an FX loop)? You could use the send on the loop to go to the switcher, then the output from the switcher to the return.
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Quote by Will Lane
I am fairly certain BOSS pedals are true bypass. I could be wrong though.

Pretty sure it's the opposite. All BOSS pedals are buffered bypass.
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OK I tried the configuration and it is a mess. The hum is really loud. So far I tried:
* replacing the power supply, no noticeable change (it is strange that using a power supply with separate outputs did not help, isn't it?

* using some batteries = maybe better, but it is unpractical (als I only had 3 batteries, so I put them randomly in some pedals)

* changing some cables (not systematically: should I investigate that further?)

* removing the effects one by one / changing the sequence

It is difficult to be sure but it seems that the Loop station at the end of the loop catches all the crap upstream of it. So if I remove it it is much better but I am pretty sure it works well alone, as it should. Same for all other pedals.
Another point is that the Line selector is something I should not put before the auto-wha, as it decreases the dynamics of the signal and the response of the auto-wha is poor. Do you think it is possible?

I know you can't help much without listening/operating on my effect chain, however I am wondering if you can think of any safer configuration, or any other thing I can try...

For example, I was thinking of using two loops this way:
loop A = all effects except RC3 (Boss loop station)
loop B = RC3

this has the advantage of having the Auto-wha using the signal of the line selector, and not the clean one.