According to the owner, Its a 1999/2000 American strat. The reason its priced so low is it had extra holes from a strat button that were plugged and I had to reglued the knob of the headstock. Part of the last three digits of the serial # were lost when doing the repair. I assure you it is a 100% american strat. When i get home i can send you the serial # which still allows you to verify the year. It is really a great sounding and playing strat in a cool color. It just has those issues but its priced accordingly.
The pictures aren't great but from what I can see it seems legit. $650 is a fair price especially since you've been able to actually play it and hear it up front so you don't have to worry about surprises.
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nice looking strat n my book. good deal and from the pix looks legit. i say go for it.
Um, he never said he played it. If the serial number works out, go get hands on. If it feels nice, go with it. $650 sounds nice.
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if you aren't feeling good about it, pop the neck out and see the numbers on the neck. it should have a serial in the neck pocket for the body. its not the most convenient but if you aren't certain.

but i would go for it. the price seems reasonable.
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