I play an acoustic with a pick and am looking to work on my picking.

Can y'all suggests some great songs that I can work on my picking?

I like classic rock, 80s, 90s "alternative", modern rock.

I've already done Wish You Were Here. Been working on Wanted, Dead or Alive (slowly). All Apologies sounds like a good option.

Any suggestions from the above genera would be greatly appreciated!
Hotel California, Paint it Black, (Rolling Stones), "Baby Blue" (Bad Finger), "Mr. Tambourine Man", (Borrow a 12 string, and do the Byrds version).

With "Baby Blue", put a 5 string capo on the 2nd fret, play the song in G, and play the G intro lick as a bass line. That should keep you busy for a while. That song works on a 12 string also.