I've been playing guitar for about 8 years and I like to do some acoustic covers, however I don't believe I can sing and I would like to change this!


there's a cover I have done so you can see my vocal ability...

So, I ask, is it worth me getting vocal lessons?
Yes. I didnt even listen to this, but if you never took vocal lessons, its definetly worth it.

EDIT: i just listened to it, and yes, its worth it.
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acoustic covers are overrated and overdone, do something else
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How much does it cost, how much disposable income do you have, and is it worth the cost to you to do it?

Those are questions only you can answer.

Also: are the lessons you intend to take any good? What type of singing are you planning to do?

Do you want classical training?

etc., etc., etc.

Try a Yahoo! how-to on singing and projecting your vocals, see how good you can get with your own research and practice first.
I took two lessons over skype, so I've basically never taken singing lessons. I would recommend it. If I had, I probably would've saved myself a lot of time.
I think everyone can use a vocal lesson at some point if music is something they want to do. If you have a very good vocal teacher then it will definitely be worth it.

As far as price point goes I took 30 min lessons for $25. In total I paid $340 for roughly 12 sessions. They were definitely worth it for me and I made sure to get the best instructor I could find. Do your research and I recommend speaking to your instructor before paying to make sure they will suit your needs.
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