I currently own a BP30 and enjoy using it for a lush clean and threshold-of-OD tones. I use downtuned guitars with heavy strings and play progressive metal/post metal mainly.

A TA-15 has shown up locally for a great price. I read that it's geared towards Vox/Marshally type tones, somewhat similar to the BP-30.

Anyone with experience with these two know how they might compare? I am a Boogie guy at heart (most my gear is Mesa) but do really like the BP. The only downside to the BP 30 is that it's a bit heavy and bulky for a low wattage head and it doesnt do gain tone at all. Marshall-style gain (TA) is probably not really my thing. I use a Dual Rec for the br00tal tones. I am mainly interested in sweet, slightly dirty cleans.
^ I haven't tried the TA

Have you tried TGP? There's a black pearl thread over there, so at least a few of the members there have one, and with any luck some of them might have tried the mesa as well.
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