I have hand/eye coordination problems with some stuff, and im finding it hard to progress at alternate picking, its easier non floating than floating but I still keep hitting the wrong string constantly... Its not too bad if I'm just plucking an open string but when I go over say a G major scale its harder.

I find it easier to alternate pick using my index fingernail as a pick and i'm not sure if I should continue this way or learn to use a pick with alternate picking

Prior to this I used to rest my pinkie finger on the scratch plate and I could pick better then however I don't know if that's a good technique. This is with or without a pick.

What do you guys think?
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I would suggest you use a pick and start slow then speed it up slowly till you get it to the speed you want starting slow is key to any new skill on guitar
how much of the pick are you using. try to use as little as possible. double picking with your finger will never give you much speed. as mentioned start slow and perhaps on one string just play 4 notes i a row using all 4 of your fingers. build some speed and accuracy with pick. then move to the next string and so on. after a while you should get the hang of it. not using to much (or to little) of your pick is key.
Resting your pinky on the scratch plate is known as anchoring. There are several different ways to do it, but none of them are really helpful. It might make your picking a bit more accurate, but it causes more problems than it's worth.

You are probably just going too fast too soon. Slow down, and practice with a metronome.

Also, your hand/eye coordination issues don't matter at all. Jeff Healey was blind, but he was still a great guitarist.
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Also, your hand/eye coordination issues don't matter at all. Jeff Healey was blind, but he was still a great guitarist.

Was just going to say this, hand/eye co-ordination has nothing to do with playing the guitar, having to look at the guitar is simply a phase most players go through until they wean themselves off it.
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