So the fuse on my amp blew recently and I've gone around trying to find an identical fuse to replace it with.
The original is a 1A 250v fuse, but the lowest replacement I've managed to find is a 2A 250v.
My amplifier is a Fender Vaporizer.

Is it safe to replace a 1A fuse with a 2A fuse?
Eh.... Well, the old fuse is designed to blow at 1A, obviously. You run the risk of frying something if it goes above that, that's why the fuse is there. A 2A fuse will let that current just keep running. I wouldn't do it.

Of course, the ultimate amp question guru is Cath.
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Feeling lucky? The 1A fuse blew for a reason and it was designed to protect your amp from meltdown. A 2A "might" still protect your amp depending on how the circuit was designed. It might not. If you like the amp and want it to continue working for a long time, get the OEM rated fuse.
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It may protect you but probably not the amp. The big question is "why did it blow?" Until you can answer that, you're tempting fate badly.
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I have no idea what made it blow the fuse in the first place. Power in my apartment has been a bit dodgy every now and then, so that probably has something to do with it. That or that the power plug tends to fall out sometimes, if it does so really slowly, it might not appreciate that all 3 pins aren't connected at once..

I found some really cheap replacement fuses on eBay with the right specs.
It was a long and horrible wait, but at last my amp is back up and running. Figured it wasn't worth the risk using anything other than the same one that was included with the amp
its kind of russian roulette.

until you figure out what is wrong, i wouldn't gamble.
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