Im looking into buying the ESP LTD V-300 and have a Gibson V case. Will the ESP fit in the case?
I think the ESP V has longer wings.. they're also sharp and don't know if the dimensions match from the headstock either. Schecter V is offset, I doubt it will fit.
If you want a V that will surely fit, go for either Epiphone or Gibson...
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Epiphone has disappointed me too many times for me to try again with them and Gibson V's cost way too much.
Just sell the Gibson V case and buy one that would fit the guitar you're going to buy?
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The LTD has a longer scale length, longer wings, and a longer headstock. Most likely won't fit.

btw, if you did want a Gibson V, you can score them used for $500-700 pretty much any time. Cheaper - same price as the LTD new.
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the gibson cases are pretty tight fitting.
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Just sell the Gibson V case and buy one that would fit the guitar you're going to buy?

This is definitely the answer, if you don't want an Epiphone and can't afford a Gibson.

Also, that Schecter V-1 Blood Splatter is so damn sweet.
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