I've been into music my whole childhood using my keyboards and computers (Amiga 500; Fast Tracker 2 FTW!) and the PC back in the day. I allways liked rock music but unfortunately can not play the guitar or get myself to learn it (God I tried).

In 2008 I tried it in a different way, by using the computer and a DAW: Propellerhead Reason. I use the program (believe it or not) to try and make convincing rock music, using only the program and a midi controller. I devoted a website to my journey so far and I think I've learned a lot over the years.

Although I like rock music but make it in a different way, I hope you still like my efforts or maybe get inspired by my tracks along the way.

Here's an example:


If there are any other users that create music using a DAW, it would be great to swap ideas.
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