In no way is this an Act of Defiance thread, nor am I asking for your opinion on the band (though I can't stop you).

I just wanted to ask if there is only one guitarist, how is there both rhythm and lead? Is he playing over his own recordings? This may seem very obvious to you, but does this mean that he's going to need a hired guitarist to play live? That's lame, what is this, Green Day?

My next question is, can anyone hear Matt Bachand? I have listened to the teaser so many times, but I am yet to be able to hear even a note from the bass. Maybe it's just me.
i dunno about them, but bands like Symphony X make do with one guitarist making choice decisions about what riffs/lines to play live, even though their records are loaded with overdubs. the bassist might switch on a unit that boosts the bass presence to cover the hole of rhythm guitar while the guitarist is playing leads.
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