Hey guys.. I've been messing with the floyd special that came with the new kramer pacer classic. How far it pitch should the floyd go up? Also, why does my Kramer's cavity underneath the Floyd not wide enough for the Floyd to get in there? For example, my Ibanez has a big cavity underneath the Edge, which allows me to go up quite a bit pitch-wise. But Kramer's cavity doesn't allow the Floyd to lower in there, thus its quite limiting on how far up you can go .
yea it's Kramer Licensed FR. i've been thinking about putting the FR original but not sure if it would fit ok.
what do you think - if I cut out a bigger cavity myself, and keep the FR flush when tuning, would that work fine ?
Honestly, you don't want to be going through the installation process on a Floyd just to recess it. YMMV, however. And don't bother putting an FRO (or Schaller) in there; you won't gain anything. Unless your Kramer is really old, there are no more "licensed" Floyd Rose trems. The patent is expired, those days are gone. If your Kramer is really really old, it may have had one of the original FRs; I think they may have been exclusive to Kramer back when they were first introduced. It's likely you have an FR Special or the like; still a very good Floyd that will likely outlast you unless your name is Brad Gillis.