I'm under the impression two the amps I own (Peavey Vypyr head and a small Orange Micro Terror) are "hybrid" amps in that they have a tube preamp and a solid state poweramp. Is it worth boosting these amps with a tubescreamer style pedal or would the result just be harsh? Thanks.
i don't think the vypyr is hybrid. unless you have the vypyr tube. and i think it has a tube poweramp, not preamp.

regarding the other question, it just depends. if you have a ts-style pedal lying around, it's worth a try. if you don't, i'd want to try first (in a shop, say) before spending any money, in case it doesn't work as well as you need it to.
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yeah, the vypyr is SS, the Vypyr tube is a SS pre and tube power section
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Don't know anything about the Orange, but I've played a couple of Peavey amps that are solid state preamp and tube power amp, still have the MX, they handle pedals pretty well. I've used several with the MX, including Arion Analog Delay (both in line and through effects loop), Marshall Bluesbreaker, Ibanez SD9 distortion, and Dan Electro Rocky Road modified to make t work right.

The only effect that ever gave me any trouble was a 10 band EQ, and that was just a matter of getting the output level tweaked so it wouldn't clip.

Other hybrid amps with just a preamp tube, I've heard that type doesn't like pedals sometimes but haven't tried them myself.
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they are case by case to a certain extent. i have a '70 something musicman hybrid amp, and it takes OD' like a champ (SS pre, tube power). but i have tried others that didn't. give it a shot.
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they are case by case to a certain extent. i have a '70 something musicman hybrid amp, and it takes OD' like a champ (SS pre, tube power). but i have tried others that didn't. give it a shot.

^^^ Yep. They don't all take pedals well but some do. I suspect the Micro Terror does and Vypyr doesn't but only one way to find out... try it. My Super Champ takes pedals well on the clean channel but not the voice (DSP) channel.
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My vypyr 120 has a tone boost and lexicon verb in front of the amp, they work fine. The the lexicon is there because you cant turn reverb on/off with sanpera when in manual mode. The boost works great woth clean sounds when you want to be louder than the drummer. Don't see why a drive wouldn't work. I can't try it with my screamer for you though as my vypyr rig is in the rehearsal room and not at home. Try it, you just might like it.
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