I decided to make a thread about a reoccurring problem I have when writing songs. Sometimes when I'm sound asleep/dreaming, I hear a great song or see some excellent lyrics but have no way to write them down. When I wake up, I remember the concept but nothing else. Then I feel disappointed because what would be a good song doesn't exist anymore. I can't write decent lyrics and have trouble with melodies when awake but in dreams, it comes easier.

In one dream, I heard this performance of a song that sounded like a lost song from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (a film that I'm a fan of) and was about victory. Despite enjoying the song in said dream, I lost both the tune and lyrics. How do I stop this from happening?

I know this is a weird question but does this happen to anyone else? I'm thinking of forming a band some time but I can't just let good songs get away.
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Keep paper by your bed and every time you wake up, don't move until you can't force yourself to remember anymore. Write it down.

Do it every night.
"There are two styles of music. Good music and bad music." -Duke Ellington

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I once had a dream that I was watching TV. The show I was watching was the Miss Universe pageant. All the contestants were naked. Unfortunately you couldn't see anything on account of camera angles and a well placed sash. On each sash instead of a country was a number. I realized they were the lottery numbers so wrote them down.

I had written three down when my sister came into the room and changed the channel. She was upset that I was watching naked ladies on TV. When I got the remote back and turned it back on, the show was nearly over and they were crowning the winner (2) - which I figured might be the powerball.

I woke straight after that and I remembered the numbers I did get so wrote them down.

I played them in various configurations that week and those three numbers came in as well as the powerball. Unfortunately you need more than three numbers to win a prize. But I struck a small prize in four different lines on that ticket and had the powerball which increased the prize a bit. So I came away with about $600 that week.

I've never forgiven my sister for changing the channel and regularly remind her that she cost me millions. She says she can't be held responsible for something that happened in a dream...but still I blame her.

This is 100% a true story.
100% True.

I was the Miss Universe announcer.

Duane was the TV.

JRF was the ticket.

We were all there dude.
"There are two styles of music. Good music and bad music." -Duke Ellington

"If you really think about it, the guitar is a pointless instrument." - Robert Fripp
Indeed, she certainly caused me to deviate from my standard programming.

(20T we love you and your mythical sister forgive us)
"There are two styles of music. Good music and bad music." -Duke Ellington

"If you really think about it, the guitar is a pointless instrument." - Robert Fripp
It's all good. My sister is awesome and would laugh it off then tell a really bad joke about cheese.
Thank goodness you weren't cheesed off enough to ban me.

To Ronald.

Keep a pad of paper to write down ideas next to your bed. When you wake up don't move until you've tried to remember everything you can. Moving can cause you to forget dreams faster. (I'm pretty sure there was some study that concluded that idk) You should also start writing down every dream you have. Keeping a dream journal will improve your ability to remember your dreams.

Even if you can't remember a song in a dream, just try to write something that captures that feeling. Did it start off with a punchy riff? Then write a punchy riff. It doesn't matter if you capture it exactly because you probably wont be able to anyway. Instead of agonizing over what you can't remember, make something.
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And how good is your ear?

If you heard Amazing Grace in your dream would you be able to wake up and write it down?
-Maybe the words but...
If you heard, I don't know, Every Breath You Take - by the Police in your dream would you be able to wake up and play it, or write it all down, sing it accurately, or remember the whole thing?

It's definitely a good idea to keep a dream journal though if you want to remember dreams. But in any journal one can often recall and describe the events they saw, the words they heard, the feelings they had etc. It's a lot less common though to be able to accurately describe the music they heard in a way that would allow them to recreate that music later. For that you need a good ear.

Instead of trying to write it down you could use your phone as a voice recorder and hum/sing what you heard...but how good is your ear and can you sing on pitch?
I also get this sometimes. Sometimes I dream about writing music and and for some reason it's always really easy in the dream. It's like some creative part of my brain is in overdrive mode. Then when I wake up I don't remember much of it other than the feeling how effortless and amazing it was Disappointing to wake up and lose it all.