That you don't know the answer to and there's no way to logically deduce the answer from anything your teacher or professor said to you. Do you **** it up (say something dumb or unplausible) or make your best guess?

I'd have gone with ****ing it up but the past two exams (well one exam and one quiz) I guessed and got both the extra credit right

edit: The question is unrelated/unimportant to anything your professor taught you but the question itself is something related to the class or maybe a recent event.
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I'm not exactly sure if that's an example of what you're talking about, but in an oral exam my teacher was asking me questions about lactic acid fermentation and as a kind of conclusive question he asked, 'And what does this have to do with James Cook?'

The correct answer of course was 'Sauerkraut!'
And I got it right.
But in this case it was slightly related.
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I had a college history professor ask us to fill in lyrics to "I am the Walrus" for extra credit. I got most of them right.
I would answer to the best of my ability because I would feel guilty for ****ing up on purpose.
In one class I put down Pokemon and ninja turtles for answers I didn't know. I like to think I've matured since then and would answer to the best of my knowledge.

But prolly not doe.

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In primary school I had a maths test with 10 main questions and one extra credit one. I got all questions right and the teacher wanted to give me a 10 out of 10, but I was also a very annoying and stubborn kid and I eventually convinced the teacher to give me an 11 out of 10 score. First kid in the school to accomplish that
I wouldn't guess and then after the test would ask the teacher to explain it to me so I'd know in the future.
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I'd guess because I'm a dingus and that's what I do on most test questions anyways if I don't know the answer.
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May as well take a whack at it. Extra Credit means you can't be penalized, so guess.

That's like asking, "There is supposed to be a ten dollar bill on the floor. Should I look down and check?"

What if it's not there? You've lost nothing.
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An extra credit question on today's test was about a presentation I gave a couple weeks ago.
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In my Geography class the question asked something about North Africans emigrating to Europe and the question was what country started some rescue sea program. Guessed Italy because I saw a lot of boats when I was there. Then in my English class the question was what country's leader spoke to a joint congress session thing two days ago. Guessed Israel because I figured there was lots of stuff going on in that area. I love my brain.
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Facesitting is a violation of freedom of speech, because how can you speak when you have an ass covering your face?