So I'm in this rental property right now and am having an issue.

I just finished building my PC today and was online running tabs while powering my Krank Chadwick 2x12 combo through a POD HD500X. I HATE playing guitar while i'm even a little bit warm so I plugged a fan in the wall and when I turned it on my amp made a pop noise and did so every time I changed the fan speed. The amp and fan were in one outlet and the PC and monitor in another.

Then again tonight after I got home from work everyone was using some sort of electronic (2 tvs, PlayStation, 2 laptops, and alot of lights.) I went to turn my PC on and the PSU didn't have enough juice to run the graphics card, mouse, or keyboard. I split the power by plugging my monitor and one outlet and my pc another. I'm afraid if I add my amp to this I will break something...

Is this setup going to damage my amp or PC? I can't really afford to replace either right now... Any help is greatly appreciated!
Put a meter on your outlet and test the voltage with all the toys running. Most devices are designed to run at rated power +/- 10% so if you are in a 115 outlet, anything lower than 103VAC can be a problem. No way to know without testing it. Fan switches often cause an audible pop if on the same circuit so that is pretty normal.
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I don't think low voltage would hurt much. High voltage or power surges, yes.

Eddie Van Halen used a Variac and ran his Marshalls at 89 volts for years, if it would do any damage he would have been blowing amps on a regular basis.

Computer might be a little different, if it's not getting enough power to handle power supply, graphics card etc I don't think it would actually damage it, just wouldn't run well but I'd be afraid the fans would be spinning slow and invite heat damage.

As a computer tech for 15 years I saw plenty of them damaged by power surges and lightning, but don't think I've ever seen one damaged by low power. I've replaced dozens of modems fried by lightning or power surges, and quite a few power supplies. Don't think I've ever seen one damaged by low power...that said, I'd be a little worried about it, if the fans are spinning too slow modern CPU's build up a lot of heat in a big hurry, without a fan and some heatsink compound you can fry a CPU in less than 10 seconds. So if the fans are running slow I'd worry. Otherwise I don't think it would do any damage.
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