I bought a little cheap First Act "acoustic" guitar from wal-mart just to play around with at work and I decided I was bored and wanted to spray paint it, and maybe make some little fixes to it. It has quite a few problems, like it will not stay in tune, and its really small and hard to hear. I bought a little Artist Tranducer pickup so that it can be used with my portable amp and be heard better. I also bought some slinky's to put on it which i havent been able to do because of painting issues. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas on what else i can do to fix it up to be as best as it can be. Maybe new tuners? Different brand of strings? New fret markers or body design ideas?? I would love to hear them!
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ok i was looking at tuning pegs online, do they normally just fit in any basic guitar?
You have to keep in mind the thickness of the headstock because of the string post sticking out, the string hole should of course be accessible. The diameter of the hole in the headstock and the diameter of the ferrule is also something to check, but should not be that much of a problem. Different tuners can have different thickness string posts, which require different sized ferrules or holes in the headstock. Also, measure to make sure that the knob can turn without hitting the headstock.

Measuring the headstock is up to you, websites like Stewmac have the required diameters etc. of the various tuning machines they offer.
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