I have an old bassamp that has 2 broken volume pots (1 gain pot and 1 volume actually)
they have a 1K value.

My question, can you use guitar pots or are amp pots different somehow?

thanks in advance.
You need to make sure they are the right value (1k) and the correct taper (logarithmic or linear). Guitar pots are usually between 250k and 500k so they won't be a suitable replacement.
When you're talking about signals (low power) the major things to consider are the resistance value and taper. Everything else isn't as big of a big deal, unless the mechanical parts of the pot are horribly built.

It's important to mention that these things are simply electronic components. I know that's plainly obvious, but the point is that these things are not ONLY for guitars or ONLY for amplifiers. A lot of times people will make you pay out the ass for something just because it has the word "guitar" on the label and people don't know better. Pretty much in every case it is better to pick these things up from an electronics or hardware store if you can find what you want because they don't mark up the prices as much.

For instance, you can buy two 22nF "Historic Gibson Bumblebee Capacitors" for the super-cheap price of $99, (https://www.long-mcquade.com/51420/Guitars/Parts/Gibson/Historic_Bumble_Bee_Capacitors_2_Pack.htm) or you can find the same value of capacitors in all sorts of different types for about 20 cents each in an electronics store.

If you ever decide to get into building electronics, it is important to note that it is bad to put a lot of power through a potentiometer. This is because typically they are only capable of dissipating .5 watts of power across the whole thing at maximum resistance. This value decreases drastically as you turn the knob because you are using less of the carbon traces (more concentrated) as well as increasing the amperage because you are lowering the resistance.
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