Poll: When was the last time you played a (real/physical) board game
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View poll results: When was the last time you played a (real/physical) board game
27 36%
1-3 months ago
23 30%
4-6 months ago
3 4%
1-2 years ago
9 12%
>2 years ago
12 16%
What is a board game
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Voters: 76.
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Sup pit ogres SMOrc

When was the last time you've played a board game? Like a physical board game with plastic pieces and a real pair of dice and everything

I feel like board games are becoming obsolete as technology continues to take over our lives (which i fully support). Also, video games are becoming awesomer and awesomer, and they can do everything that board games do AND MORE. I mean look at THIS

Poll incoming
ggg1 ggg3

I played some Talisman not too long ago. I have Risk and Firefly Clue in my closet. Haven't opened them but I'm a big fan of Risk.

Oh, and I played a game called Smartass. It's a trivia game.
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brot pls
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i played scrabble with my family at christmas

obviously i won
"but 'donger', 'rekt' and 'dank memes' aren't words!"

I imagine that's how it went OpieOP
ggg1 ggg3

more like a bored game amirite
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Why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn about a language you already speak? It was over before it even started dude

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brot pls
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Does Cards against humanity and Ultimate Warewolf count?

If so, very recently.
Eh, I would call those card games as opposed to board games

I don't wanna get into a flame war over semantics though so up to you omgPoro
ggg1 ggg3

Just brought a chess board recently to play with the missus and went on a road trip with mates to their bumfuck nowhere town where we'd play Monopoly in the early hours of the morning. It got very heated come negotiation time.

So for me, board games are still relevant. My demographic is a bit older mind you.
I played Life a couple of weeks ago
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tbh i kinda miss indoor recesses back in elementary school

all the legit board games took too long and we never got to finish them but connect 4 was righteous we used to have tournaments and shit whenever it rained ass outside
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Had a board game night with my girlfriend and her best friend plus boyfriend. I won them all and got über competitive, and now my girlfriend's best friend doesn't like me
Last board game was Monopoly with my brother and two cousins, probably a couple years ago. We switched over to video game Monopoly because it's infinitely more fun and it has auto-banking. Plus it's just better in general.
I learned how to play Settlers of Catan last month, won both times I played. I am the master settler.
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New Years Eve/Day was the last time I played a proper board game. I only ever really play them Christmas/New Year, although I'd happily play them more if I had booze, nibbles and people to play with
I have nothing important to say
It's been forever, the last time was probably sometime in elementary school. Me and my brothers used to play a shit load of monopoly and risk during the winters. Board games, hot cocoa, and mac n cheese is a lot of my childhood.
Board games are DA BOMB! I'd rather play them than some stupid video game. Not crappy games like Monopoly but real games like Arkham Horror.
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video games > board games 100% fact

Ok, but you're wrong

Have played Last night on earth, arkham *****, etc. etc.

My sis and her gf have a shit ton of them so i play with them and their friendos.

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all the time.

mostly just trivia type games and stuff with my family.

we did play Monopoly last month with my grandfather and that was awful. he was like the goddamn board game Nazi and kept telling us we were talking too much and not taking it seriously.

i'd like to play some more in-depth games like those Arkham Horror/Cthulhu ones, but i really don't have anyone who'd play with me.
chess and monopoly ofc

except no one likes to play monopoly with me anymore cause they get annihilated. i've become notorious for it.
My girl and I play Family Guys edition of Monopoly pretty often. I still enjoy a board game. Just not the same over the internet. I also play chess like its a religion.
Some have friends....

... others have guitars....

Hey, it's uhh... 4:20....

Thought you'd like to know is all.

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I played chess yesterday. Play with a friend of mine pretty often
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When I was in elementary school every year for about a week we would get out of the school and do something other than classroom work. They had a variety of things you could sign up for, be it skiing/snowboarding, archery or bowling. One year I seen they had a board game group, so I signed up for that. About a week before they started the principal called me into his office and said that I would have to pick something else because I was the only one to sign up for it.

Board games have been going under for a while now. My uni didn't even have a chess club or a tabletop game club.
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more like a bored game amirite

huu m8
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Board games are DA BOMB! I'd rather play them than some stupid video game. Not crappy games like Monopoly but real games like Arkham Horror.

So you're a board game snob?
Play them on a weekly basis, they're really fun.

Scotland Yard, Chess, Monopoly (AKA Why Capitalism Is Unfair ), Settlers of Catan, Tarok (Slovenian/Austrohungarian)

oh all of you should consider learning slovene tarok. i think there are also french and czech versions that are fairly popular but i dont know how to play those. as far as im concerned it's hands down the best card game played with a semi-regular deck and almost certainly the one with the least luck involved. it's played competitively on a national level here and is generally known for a very high skill ceiling, as in it really does matter how long you've been playing it and how seriously (old men who've been playing since childhood are practically unstoppable)

it really helps if you learn it with some people who are very good at it so that they can introduce you to the meta of the game but you can get the basic rules here


fun fact, this is why tarot cards were first made. not for fortune telling

Gozd in gora poj,
silen ženimo hrup,
uboga gmajna, le vpup, le vkup,
le vkup, le vkup z menoj,
staro pravdo v mrak tulimo,
da se pretulimo skozi to zimo
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I live on my own and my cat dislikes Monopoly, so I only play board games at my parents.
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Haven't played boardgames in ages. I do partake and organize tabletop rpg sessions though.
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I never learned how to play Monopoly.
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So you're a board game snob?

I'm just bitter I never win in monopoly.
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