I was told to do a science project at school and i don't want to do a solar shit you know i want to do something to help you all musicians out there.As a musician i don't know what truely a musician needs cuz i can't think maybe.If you have any thing lik ''You know i learned (guitar/drums etc etc) but if i had something like (insert idea) i would probably (learn better/teach better/paly better/memorize better etc etc..) if you can help me it may be awesome.
You just need to come up with a hypothesis that you can test. It doesn't have to be ground breaking science (and rarely is for middle school or high school projects) You just need to really show that you understand the scientific process and give a good presentation - and it helps if it's something original. Hell, 3 different years I tested how much vitamin C were in fruits and vegetables and just used different ones each year. I also did one where I basically just tested to see what kind of insulation was the best out of a few different ones I bought at the store. I made it to the Regional level every single time and the State level twice. Scientists already know about vitamin C content, I'm sure the companies that made the insulation did much better tests than mine and probably had ratings for the different kinds.

The point is to learn to be methodical and deliberate, follow the evidence regardless of your own assumptions, and put together a nice presentation.

If you can't think of a good project don't be afraid to use google. Just typing "music science fair project" gives tons of results.
Do a kickass science project, thus proving playing an instrument makes you smarter.
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