I would like to play this piece to my girlfriend but I do not know the chords


I would like to play this song to my girlfriend because she really like this tune. But I have a problem with the chords - I do not know what there is here. And I think it is Capo but at what fret?

link: http://youtu.be/Iabyj8lL9I4

Please help.
@DON CZARSKI Unfortunately not. Look at the artists of the song, and most importantly - for the lyrics
Trust me, I searched many sites/forums before I wrote this topic.
@DON CZARSKI Thanks a lot! You're Great and you are my master!
Of course, I rate and added to favorites.

PS: I know it's KT Tunstall. I know her and I would recommend a cover from singer from my country: http://youtu.be/6Tn2qxRx5AY