This is my Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface. I have recently noticed some crackling on and off in my speakers and I never quite pinpointed the problem. When removing a cable from the "PHONES" jack a few days ago, the little silver circular piece came off with it.

In my picture, you can see my interface at the top, and a non-broken one on the bottom. As you can see, not only has the silver piece come out, it also appears that the rest of the jack has been pushed into the housing. As of now, I can put the silver piece on my cable first, then slide it into the jack and it will work, but it will crackle consistently and occasionally become highly distorted.

Is this a problem that I can fix, or do I need to take this to someone who knows what their doing (definitely not me!). My first reaction was to get some pliers and pull the jack back out of the housing, but I don't know if that's wise...

The silver piece that came out should be connected to the rest of the jack. It seems like it came loose and wasn't making a proper connection. Most likely, it should screw onto the jack, but if the jack was pushed in you might have to take it apart to push it back out. You may be able to pull it out with pliers, but make sure it's unplugged first.
Personally, I would solder it back in myself. It is 2 to 3 small gauge wires. 2 for mono and a third for stereo. If the case comes off smoothly and you have easy access, it will save you a lot of money. If you disconnect wires or connectors, make sure to do diagrams or take pictures to aid in reconnecting. It all comes down to your comfort zone. Some loctite on the jack nut will help prevent this from happening again. The back nut had to fall off for this to have occurred.
It looks like it would be hard to get with pliers. Maybe a stiff wire with a hook edge could hook onto the jack and pull it out? Personally, I'd probably just open up the unit.
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