Hey, i just put together a few riffs and created a very rough idea of a song. It needs a bit more organizing and re-writing but these are a few of the main ideas i want to use.

I'd appreciate any and all honest opinions, and hey, feel free to improve on it if you like it haha.

Oh, and i will actually critique back if you would like! lol

Thanks in advance UG
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I like the tension at the beginning. I tried to imagine the riffs as its hard to imagine from a guitar pro file. But the intro I think could sound really sick(in a good way). The djenty riff sounded awesome, but I'd try to make that one more unique. I feel like everyband does that same riff. The lead stuff was awesome. It would be interesting to hear it with real instruments. Especially the intro which I thought was dark as hell. The only thing I'd say is try to find a hook so it sounds a bit more like a song. Since its prog you can get away with less repetition, but even in prog, you can always pick a theme riff, and morph it in another part, just so you keep that them vibe in at least two parts of the song.

As for the C4C here is my bands track. It's slightly proggish but its more rock rather than metal. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1671855. You can listen to it here too thelilt.com
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yeah the intro is my favorite part too. Ill try and do a recording this weekend and see what i can come up with, alot has been left to kinda improve on.

When you say djenty riff which part do you mean? any suggestions on making it more interesting? maybe adding a lead part? clean, lead, keys, subtle type of thing.
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Djenty and 'unique' are opposites aren't they?

Kidding. But that style seems to follow an extremely rigid template.
That said I think the main riff stands out enough. I dug it.
I'm just really hoping you don't fall into every, single, god damn, djent trope.

It frustrates me when I see a good song then all of a sudden, BAM. Generic djenty
riff for the sake of being djent. If the song doesn't call for it, please don't just
add shit it because everyone else in that genre is doing it. /end

The intro and the main riff were my favorite parts.
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Any body... how do I listen to this file? My computer won't recognize a "gp5" file... Is there another link?
You need Guitar pro to listen to it, its a midi file. i can upload it to my sound click for ya, but keep in mind its all midi so far lol.
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OP - Its kind of an odd experience trying to crit from a guitar pro file. It's like a group of metal fans have done an evil reprograme of a casio keyboard.

The riffs sound like they could be pretty cool, but it all depends on how you hear the final sound being played out (the guitar sound, the mix etc). Oddly enough I kind of heard it being very Korn like in places. I doubt it will be recorded and mixed that way but it was just what came into my head.

I hope you post up what it turns out like when recorded. It will be cool to see how far from your intentions my interpretation of the midi is.

Oh yeah... I want to hear that recorded. Admittedly the intro instrumentation is a little ambiguous with the midi, but It was plain to see what was going on afterward... It would be solid.
had to listen on your soundclick as I don't have guitar pro. anyway man..cool stuff. kinda a laid back chill swamp feel lol. I would love to hear it with real interments.. honestly I don't think its anything special..maybe with some good lyrics this might be better..remember less is sometimes more. anyway not bad man..don't know what else to say..crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1672514