I have a question if the truss rod is not right would this effect tuneing the guiatr
Umm my guitar is in tune I strumm each string open it sounds good.
But when I play a chord it sounds bad,my guitar fell hard the other day.
Some paint chipped off the neck and where the frist fret by the high e the paint
Is also cracked the fret board did not lift, if its not the rod can it be the saddle needs to be adjusted?? Thanks all iam new to this
sounds like intonation, so yes the saddles need to be adjusted. Get a good tuner and go from there. Truss rod shouldn't really have any affect on intonation, in theory it does alter fret positions when loosening/tightening but it is so tiny you wouldn't "hear" it but it might show up on a tuner
If this is a bolt on neck, also check the screws on back of the body that hold the neck on, they might have been jarred loose. If you think the screws are loose enough it needs it, put a short piece of toothpick or match stick in each hole with a small dab of wood glue, tighten the screws and let it sit overnight so the glue can set. If the neck is loose, you can change the tuning just by handling it.

Then check intonation...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
Thanks guys and its a les Paul jr epiphone I will have my friend look at the saddles