Hallo to all.I hope that here still are people that like this kind of black metal - Atmospheric, Melancholic, Cold, sometimes maybe even symphonic but still very very melodic and harmonic and not only meaningless noises.This is my solo project called Melancholic Journey and my debut album is called "Зимни Поверия" (In English "Winter Beliefs" (...or something like that, it's hard to be translated corectly).I started this project first because making melancholic and sad music is my true expression but also to show to all shitty crappy monotonous bad sounding "DSBM projects" that even in home, in your bedroom, if you want, you can create whatever you want!From lo-fi black metal - to descent clear sounding death metal/core.These people ruined our genre and because of them, black metal today takes so much mockery and this is shameful and upsetting for me.So I hope that with my music I can give something descent piece of music to the whole worth black metal world.I don't say that my music is the best within the genre.Actually it is really simple, there is not so much technical playing and the production is nothing special but the atmosphere is the most important thing in this sub-genre of black metal and to create the introvert, cold, wintry feeling was my goal.

If somebody enjoys this album - Hey,that's GREAT, awesome.If not - that's ok for me.Hails from Bulgaria!Remember, Black Metal is not and will never be dead!

Full debut album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S93Kev9hZQE

Metal Archives: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Melancholic_Journey/3540347846

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melancholic-Journey/415057821918024?fref=ts

Official Bandcamp: http://melancholicjourneyenodia.bandcamp.com/

I will use this thread for a statement that I wanted to do long time ago.With my projects and music I want to say to all one man home black metal bands/projects this:

Your sound does NOT HAVE TO be complete noise just trying to be KVLT, cool and TRVE.With almost nothing, you can create a descent black metal sound.My album was recorded with 7$ skype microphone and the sound fits the music perfectly without making people stop the album at the 0:45 minute.Bad sound does NOT mean QUALITY black metal.You must use more than two or three riffs to create a good black metal.More riffs, more chords changes, more progression = interesting and good black metal.For me, monotonous black metal is booring.Think about that - seven minute song with only two or three riffs.If you like this, ok, just not my cup of tea.Work on your albums more.It is hard and slow process, it consumes a lot of time and energy especially when you do all things all alone but at the end, you will understand how big is the feeling that you have created something massive and, for me, to give some descent albums to the whole black metal world and to be part of it, it is pride.