sup UG,

Recently I've been diving into the world of amp simulation and I've got some nice plugins already but I was wondering which free plugins you guys recommend for shaping a nice guitartone.

The plugins I have are:

-LePou's pack
-Nick Crows 7170 and 8505

-TSE 808 Tubescreamer

Cab Sim:

Impulse Response packs:
-Catharsis Impulses
-God's Cab

I've read through the amp sim sticky, in fact you'll notice all my vst's are from the sticky :P

So can you guys recommend some other nice free stuff?
The type of tones I'm mostly interested in are:
-Satriani-type solo tone
-Nice clean but still rock n roll tones
-Maybe a bit of David Gilmour-type in the middle
Just try all of them out. People can give you their choices but it's a matter of perspective.
Personally, I like TSE's X50 with the TSE 808.