I decided I needed some extra money, so I got ahold of this Freshman in high school who is in a band. See, I was in a shitty scene band back in 2011, and this kid was a huge fan of us. Like, worshipped the ground we walked on, and still does. I inspired the guitarist in his band to play guitar.

Anyway, that shitty scene band is long gone now. I got ahold of the freshman, let's just call him "C". I told him I was selling the rights to the band name and all the songs, all for a flay fee of $20. He was thrilled. I told him the band was gonna come back, but this time it would be his band playing the songs instead. I told his guitarist I'd tab out all 4 of our songs, for $5 per song, totalling $40 for the entire deal.

So now my shitty A Skylit Drive ripoff band from high school is being ressurected by freshman and sophomores in high school. I'm making money which I like to consider royalties. If anyone is interested in hearing our music, I'll be more than glad to try to find the songs on my old computer.
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so you ditched your old songs and band to make some quick money

glad im not the only one who thought its a low/shitty thing to do. its almost like you want us to hate you OP
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You know dude, I've read a lot of your threads, and I've respectfully restrained myself from commenting on a few of them.

But contacting a high school freshman to squeeze a few bucks out of him seems like something I wouldn't want other people to know I had to resort to doing.
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I can't wait for this band to get rich and you're left with $40.
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tbh that sounds kinda dirty. did your band actually have any rights to begin with? is there a contract there? you could have at least written a contract of sorts. i recommend doing that. i don't know the full story m8 or how it all goes down, but it sounds dangerous, and you're going to get some more hate

don't take advantage of some kid's passion for music and (apparent unjustifiable) appreciation of you just for some quick cash.

do what i did and rake a ton of horse poop for $65 for a klone

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I can't wait for this band to get rich and you're left with $40.
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You know there is like a blog feature on your profile right, you don't have to update us about everything you do and everything you have ever done.
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