So I just broke a string and thought: Why do I always restring crappy?

I'm talking about the headstock part, the part where, in theory, the string would wind up perfectly around the headstock. Sadly, this never happened to me, ever.

Have you guys got some tips for me? To get a perfect wrap around?
Acres and yards and stacks of YouTube vids that will show you how to restring your guitar properly.
Hard to get right, I remember that feel, just wind slowly and don't leave too much string otherwise you'll end up winding forever
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Have you guys got some tips for me? To get a perfect wrap around?


seriously, though, there are some pretty good vids on youtube. there's a good one by taylor guitars, seemed pretty good to me.
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I don't get what's hard about stringing a guitar. Even when I had no clue what I was doing, the only real question was"how do I not get my finger shanked by the 0.10 string?

1)Pull string taut against tuning peg post.
2)Wrap around post no less than twice.
3)Use other hand to hold wrapped string down against headstock with a fingernail.
3)Insert string through hole in post.
4)Pull string taut, wind tuning key until pitch is achieved. Trim excess string if you like things tidy.
I find the wound strings (E-A-D) to be pretty forgiving. Whatever works for you, I mean the winding provides its own friction, and I only get 1-2 more wraps around the machine head when I tune. Now the hardest string? B for sure! Don't know why, but that seems to be the pain of the bunch.

I always wrap B and E strings 3-4 times around before inserting through the hole, and then once it's through I generally will pull the loose end tight at a 90 degree angle to kind of "set" it in, you know? Keeps the end bit pointing a different direction, too, so it's out of the way until I cut it.

And I always, always yank on the strings, pulling up at several different fret positions maybe 1-2 inches to stretch the string out. Again B strings seem to need a bit more effort to stretch. If one goes out of tune on me, that's usually the one (maybe it's also the one I go for that killer 15th fret 1.5 bend, too.)