Hellooo there!

Not sure if there are many people on UG who listen to folk music but . . . yes, we're a folk/pop/blues duo from Stockholm, Sweden and we've kind of released our first ever EP. This EP is quite folky, most of the songs are. Although we do write pop/bluesy/rock songs as well but this one just happened to be folky! Imagine filmish music, sometimes with a little classical/medieval, epic feeling to it - that's what we sound like on this record. Sounds interesting to you? Go and check us out!

The whole EP is available on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/blackbirdperegrine/sets/dreams-can-fly-ep
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Had a good time listening to your songs (specially "Drummers around the fire"), thanks for sharing!
I wonder how this sounds "live". Are you planning to tour?
Hello, Taupe!

We're glad to hear you enjoyed our songs! Anything specific about Drummers Around The Fire that you really liked?

I myself wonder how this will sound live! Pretty excited. :-) We're a newly formed duo so we haven't really planned about a tour yet but of course we want to! For now we're rehearsing as often as we can and hopefully go gigging soon. Can't wait!

If we go on tour, will you come and see us? Haha.
well, the atmosphere of the song (but this is good in all your songs), the drums coming in progressively, ...

And if you come to Switzerland, I will come to see you

Good luck for your first gigs then!
Thank you, Taupe! You really made us happy! :-)

We're looking forward to seeing you in one of our future gigs! (If you still remember us by then, haha!)
For folk music, this is really good!

Most of the time whenever I hear people trying to make folk music they're just strumming a guitar and trying to impersonate Bob Dylan.

You guys on the other hand are doing a great job! I like it.
Thanks, maaaan! That makes us really happy! :-D
We'll be recording a single soon, in case you're still interested!
Listened to all the tracks from your EP and...well done, guys!

The vocals reminded me a bit to Florence + The Machine (I must admit I'm not their biggest fan and I might be wrong though) nevertheless adding her own taste to their music. In fact I really liked her voice: it fits really well with the music. The music is relaxing and mellow and still not boring or repetitive and that's certainly great considering what you do.
The songs I liked the most were Gone Too Soon, Drummers Around the Fire and Ballerina. In Gone Too Soon I could "touch" and feel the overwhelming nostalgia in it without feeling uncomfortable. Beautiful. In Ballerina, I liked especially the vocal arrangement at the end of the song. Simple but nice and catchy. And for Drummers Around the Fire, I like how the song grows until getting this kind of songs you could easily sing in a bonfire with your friends or in a big stage with all of the people in the crowd
Special mention (this is possibly getting boring to read...my apologies!) to the recording. That speaks a lot of you as musicians in the sense you're taking this seriously. Well recorded and mixed. It sounds ethereal without sounding too wet or blurry.

Rounding up, great work guys!
Tzirhk, thank youuuu~! Such a good review, really made us smile!
I didn't think my voice had a little similarity to that of Florence!
I am happy that you got that image and feeling on Drummers Around The Fire. That was exactly one of my goals: to make the listener feel like he/she could sing and play this song with friends around a bonfire. I feel a little accomplished now, haha

I told our friend who mixed/mastered the songs about your review and you really made him happy too! It really means a lot to him, and it means a lot to us musicians!

Thank you for your wonderful review!
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