I'm trying to learn Eddie's solo from "Beat It" and there are a few techniques I'm having a lot of trouble with. Particularly, I can't get that second tap harmonic in the opening passage to sound out. I'm using a lot of dirt, I'm on the bridge pickup, and I'm tapping exactly on the back fret. Anything I'm missing? I could also use some general tapping tips too.
if your set-up is really out of whack, that might do it. other than that, experiment. it's a hard thing to diagnose by text

get it down without an amp first, if you can get it to sound cleanly acoustically you're golden
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yeah they're pretty awkward to nail right, even when you can do them. it's pretty much a lottery for me whether they actually ring out or not most of the time. then again , i suck

you have to hit it really hard and quickly, right bang on the fret. you need to be accurate too (i.e. hit the exact string at the exact place you want), and you need to mute everything else pretty well with your other hand.
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The only time I've ever had to play tap harmonics is in Andy Timmons' song Electric Gypsy and god damn they're annoying.

Are you using a boost? That's my recommendation if you're not.

You just need to get it right though. Practice that one harmonic until you're happy with it, experiment.