I just ordered Mesa Boogie Mark V 25 with 2 1x12 cabinets. Does anybody recommend a certain type of speaker cable I should get in order to connect the head to both cabs? I've never owned a full stack before and have little experience with speaker cables. Thanks for your advice!
IMO, it doesn't matter a whole lot.
As long as it can handle the power.
Just make sure you don't use an instrument cable. Its not the same thing.
I've used the power cord from an old fan for a speaker cable before.
Yup. Just get a any ol speaker cable. Only advice I'd say is don't go much longer than really need to. If you're gonna put the cabs right on top of each other, with the head on top of that, and it's only gonna be used that way, a couple 5' cables should be more than enough. Maybe even 3'. Also, don't get the cheapest cable, the really thin ones. Get the ones that look exactly like instrument cables. You'll have to be careful not to mix them up with your guitar cables (or just always look for where it says "speaker" or "instrument" on the cable), but they're better, more durable cables. There's also the super thick ones, but I don't see guitar players using those very often, usually bass.

Also, since you said you're new to this, a quick reminder of the different OHM ratings on the amp's outputs. I'm assuming you got a couple of the regular Mesa Boogie 1x12 cabs to go along with it? Those cabs are 8 ohms, and so is the amp. IF you use only one of them. If, for whatever reason, you're ever using just one of the cabs, plug it in from the 8 ohm output on the amp. When using both, you have two options. Either use both of the 4 ohm outputs on the amp, going to the two cabs, or connect either one of the 4 ohm outputs to one cab, then connect the "parallel out" plug on that cab to the input of the other one. Since the amp isn't stereo, it doesn't matter which way you use. And, just in case you don't know, NEVER unplug a cab, from either end, while the amp is on. Or plug one in while it's on. Or have it on without a cab plugged in. Unless it's that new Mark V 25, with the "speaker off" switch, for D.I. and headphone use.
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i would go for a thicker cable. more durable it would seem. truth be told, i use monster. , but i got them off CL used for one half of new price, so $10 for a six footer, isn't anything bad. i haven't ever had one go bad one me. i wouldn't pay for one new though.
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