Is there anyway to get a feedback about what are you playing on a guitar pro tab?

Guitar plugged in computer, and the program saying if you match the exact notes of the tab.

Thanks in advance.
Probably not. More likely if you have a MIDI guitar. Still probably not in GP, but maybe in some other software. I have a program for piano sight reading which does exactly this.
Yes in other software if in guitar pro you can't, but this should be possible since the computer can be used to tune your guitar the computer can also know which note are you playing.

Also that other software would be great if would let you import tabs from guitar pro, slow them down. It would be a very good tool for practice with feed-back.
Yeah..... I'm not sure. Maybe if you have some tool that converts the guitar audio signal to midi inputs. Still, it probably wouldn't be as accurate as pressing actual buttons is and it's largely dependent on the quality of the pitch recognition software it uses.

But yeah, I haven't actually tried so take my "advice" with a grain of salt.
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The only thing like that I know of is Rocksmith. A friend of mine had it and seemed to like it. I feel like it's more important to learn to hear whether or not you're playing the right notes.
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Don't take a program or someone else's word for it. Part of getting good at music is learning to diagnose your own playing and know where you can improve.
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There are a number of products (software, hardware, and combos) showing up on the market that can convert your electric guitar analog output signal directly to MIDI, as can be found by a quick Google search of "MIDI guitar", which led me to, for example, the product "Jam Origin" (http://jamorigin.com/products/midi-guitar/). Not sure if any of these are compatible with Guitar Pro for your intended/sought purpose, but perhaps there is an alternative out there...At any rate, I agree that there is no substitute for gaining an awareness of your own technique by "hearing yourself" rather than overly relying on technology (not that I'm against using tools to learn to play better, I use plenty of software myself routinely to enhance my musical experience). Good luck and happy playing!
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