I'm preparing to rewire a Les Paul with Seth Lovers. Series and parallel switching is something I'd like, although even better would be using a pot to continuously fade between series and parallel coils. Is this possible? Can I just take the usual DPDT switch wiring and translate it to the lugs on a dual ganged pot?

In case it's relevant, I'm planning on having a master volume and replacing the 3 way toggle with a blend pot to adjust the balance between pickups. I'm still undecided on the other controls. The pickup blend knob will be a push pull that inverts the polarity of one pickup. The two tone controls would ideally be the series/parallel fade, with the remaining knob being possibly a master tone or some other master filter. Or possibly individual concentric pots with a tone stack and series/parallel fade per pickup.
Don't know if it is possible, but something like the blend pot might be worth looking out
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I don't think you can blend series and parallel. If you try to do both connections at once, you'd end up with a short circuit. Not sure what exactly would happen if you put a blend pot there (depends on the circuit) but it won't give you what you're looking for.

You could do a blendable coil tap where one coil of humbucker has its own volume control.
You could try to connect a pot between the two wires which are usually connected for humbucker series wiring. You'd really have the thing connected in series the whole time, but the pot would be set up so you can adjust how much power is going through the series connection. Think of it like a volume knob, where turning it all the way down gives you 500K (or whatever value of pot you choose) between the pickups while grounding the red wire at the same time. When the thing is turned up, you'd have very little resistance between the red and white, and lots of resistance between that connection and ground, as well as lots of resistance between the grey wire and the pickup selector.

The only way I could see it working is if you had a two-pole pot (is that what a blend pot is?) which shunted the red wire in my diagram off to ground at the same time somehow. It would need to do this with lots of resistance between the red and grey wires or it would just ground the bottom half of the humbucker.

I made a diagram of this. Just imagine the two pots are controlled by the same knob, because I'm pretty sure that's what a blend pot does. It could behave pretty strangely though, especially when the knob is at 50%, so I'm not convinced this is a good idea. If you have some time on your hands, I'd be really interested in hearing about how this circuit works out for you.

You might want a pretty large value on the pot to avoid ground connections where you don't want them, like 1meg or so. I'm really just guessing here, so it would be great if anyone else had some input on this. It's probably going to make your pickup sound pretty weak, or just bad if you go too low.

If you wanted to invert the polarity of one half of the humbucker, do it on the bottom half with another switch. Also, what I am talking about is a stacked pot. I'm still not sure how a blend pot is set up lol. Make sure the taper is linear.
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