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For those not inclined to check, it's a Les Paul style guitar. It's a Rondo "B Stock" marked down from $699 to $399, and since it's a custom ordered guitar, it comes with a hard case as well. It's a return, and ostensibly because there are some scuff (file) marks on the binding near a couple of the frets. Kurt will usually take returns for darned near anything (make something up) and it's frequently nearly impossible to find what the guitar was "B-stocked" for.

Here's the thing -- when you custom order on Rondo, you can change the scale. Normally a 24.75" scale instrument, this guy asked for (and got) a 30" Baritone scale, 24 frets. And since Rondo's Agile LP-style guitars are usually heavy, he ordered the body chambered (another option). The photos at Rondo usually don't do the guitars justice, and are usually overbright. Rondo's customers mentally compensate <G>.

I'm wondering, however...would you guess that this might be a neck-heavy guitar? And what about the playability. Would that neck be WAY out to the left when you were playing it? Would YOU order a guitar configured like this, and would you consider the balance and playing position before ordering?
I know of at least one pro who uses a baritone LPclone, but I have no clue as to whether it's chambered or if he thinks it's neck heavy or not.

I've been fortunate in my few custom orders, no issues of those kinds have arisen. I would HOPE that issues like that would be raised by the luthier during the ordering process.
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