I'm looking for pedals that you can record, play, and possibly overdub 2 or 3 seperate loops with. I've looked into them a bit, and the couple I've seen are the Boss RC-300, and the Boomerang III, but both of those are fairly expensive.

I'm looking to use it to play shoegaze/post-rock/soundscapes by myself, and be able to play full songs. Being able to record bass on it too would be nice too.

Right now I'm just curious as to what else is out there. I would most likely buy it used too.

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it almost sounds like it's time for you to consider using a computer. but either way, a good multi track looper is going to cost some money so you should probably expect to pay a bit.

there is some other ones out there, like the Line 6 JM4 (made more for background tracks for jamming by yourself) or the EHX 45000 and there is also a Boss RC-505 now. none of the loopers with more than 2 different tracks are very cheap.

but here are some other ones

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