I am currently trying to build a more effective pedalboard for a post-hard-core/new bring me the horizon type of feel, currently I'm using a Hughes and KettnerTrilogy and pad and LTD MH 1000 deluxe with Seymour Duncan's a boss ns-2 and Ibanez ts9dx, I've been looking into a lot of different types of pedals but can't find any demonstrations for the genre of music I'm trying to go for. Any suggestions?
A noise suppressor and tube screamer like you've got are pretty standard fare for that type of stuff. If you're not getting the tones you want out of those pedals then I would say that its another area that needs work. Sometimes its all about working on your playing. Never underestimate how much your playing actually has an effect on your tone.
The pedals you have are pretty normal, though I personally have never been a fan of the tubescreamer metalcore tone. Good for a lead boost, but too thin for your main tone, imo. Bring Me The Horizon is using a Chicken Soup pedal into a JCM800. Also has a Fulltone OCD and some effects pedals. This video explains their whole rig.

As far as effects go, I'd have at least a delay and reverb for those spacey leads. Maybe a Timefactor and a Cathedral? A volume pedal would be cool if you want to do swells at quiet parts. I don't know if bmth does those, but I've seen similar bands that do occasionally. Oh, and of course a tuner. Do you have a budget for your board?
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What particular parts of your tone do you think that you're missing? EQ'ing your amp properly may solve most of your problems that your having. An MXR 10 band EQ for example may help, but start with your amp first.

The only other pedal I could think of you possibly wanting to have is a delay pedal for the "atmospheric passages on the clean channel" bridges that many songs have, but that doesn't fix your main problem.
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if you dont know what you need, maybe you don't need anything?!?!?!?

honestly i don't know what post-hardcore exactly is, but for most modern heavy genres use a TS a noise suppressor and maybe a delay and chorus. not much more than that though.
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