A couple months ago I let my friend play my guitar and he had my amp on the overdrive channel and he switched on one of my distortion pedals to see how it sounded when I was out of the room, then I came back because I heard some really crappy sounds and when I hot back I could smell something smoking like it was burned, I never use my overdrive channel since I have pedals but I tried it the other day and it sounds extremely bassy and sounds awful, there isn't any crackling or anything, it just sounds dulled out and bassy my clean channel still works fine but I was wondering if the overdrive is shot?
It's a solid state, a Hughes and Kettner triplex solid state (not the amp head just the 50watt solid state
Burning smell = bad stuff. You need to take this amp to a professional technician and let them have a look. I'm an electronics tech, but it's more than impossible to troubleshoot something like this in a forum.
Will do, thank you! Any idea what it could be? I haven't smelled the burning since the day it happened and I play a lot
you need to teach your friends how to respect your gear.

burning how on a amp isn't good, especially if its SS.
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Yeah I was kinda pissed at first but he's played acoustic his whole life and had never used a pedal before, I never use the overdrive channel anymore anyways though so I guess it's no harm done, aside from the resale value of the amp lol
If I had to take a wild guess, it could be something in the front end of (preamp) of the overdrive section. The output section seems to be working fine.
That's what I've heard but I don't know much about the insides of amps lol. Is the preamp fixable?
Since everyone here is speculating, and no one here knows what amp you have or has seen the inside of it, no one actually knows what the problem is. Take it to a tech.

A tech will be able to either fix it, or tell you it's not repairable. With solid state amps, it could be anything. I highly doubt your friend running a distortion pedal through the gain channel caused the problem. I mean, yeah, generally if you stack distortion on an overdrive channel, it'll sound pretty bad. This sounds more like a problem out of the factory or some components are worn out.
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It was an Fx86B Death metal distortion pedal so it added alot of distortion on top of overdrive, I'll take it to a tech sometime next week though