I am currently building a strat from scratch. the body is done, and now im at the point where i need to make the fretboard. I have some Stewmac fretwire with a .023" tang. Now i could just go and buy a fretsaw from their website for like an arm and a leg, or i could use a flush cut pull saw from Lowe's that I found for $10. The kerf on the saw, though is .020". Does anyone think that this is too thin? Maybe I could do some beveling to fit it in perhaps? Or is .003" really going to matter that much to where I would have to sell my first born for a fancy Japanese fret saw?
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Do yourself a favor and glue those frets in (Titebond should do) as well as press-fitting. Fill that tang cavity with glue so that you get a solid connection between fret and fretboard.