My name is Slavic . I published my album on March 31st 2014. It took me quite a while to find a studio to mix and master my material. (Folk rock/pop rock/acoustic)

Not sure if its only in Denver, but people advertise that they know how to mix and master, but reality is in over 65% of places- they got no clue.
So finally I found this place in Parker,Co. They really did a great job and made all my songs sound the way they first sounded in my head.

Now its to the next thing : forming a band and working with new material for my second album. However this time,finding a reliable people to join and form a solid working band is proving to be quite challenging task- Making progress in that area slowly. I found some people who share my vision and like the tunes.

I also attend some mentoring courses and have a few good friends thru my online presence that might become valuable relationships in the future.

My website


Have some new sessions to share soon.

Is your name seriously Slavic? I thought "Slavic" was just a way to refer to someone who is a Slav. Are you a real Slav? Do you even Slav Squat?
I have nothing important to say
Hi and welcome. You might want to post this in another subforum, unless you're planning on reading more of ^ that.
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is slavic a slavic name
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better than seeny band. gj bro :thumbsup:

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is slavic a slavic name

please, his last name gave it away
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

What is the point of this thread? If it is to get us to listen to your music, I'm pretty sure it's against the rules.

Also, I did listen to your music and I didn't like it. I think most of the songs would be better with different drum, bass and keyboard parts, but I didn't really care for the vocals either.
Not all people from Colorado are like this guy I swear
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We know. Most of them are too stoned to even be able to turn on a computer, let along get to a website and type so many correctly spelled words.
I was hoping for a Tim Tebow thread to be honest.
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