Hey i had a thread earlier about getting feedback from my acoustic guitar - a taylor big baby with a KK Pure Mini pickup installed. I play it at high volumes in a band setting through my electric guitar amplifier. i bought a planet waves feedback buster soundhole plug but still get feedback unless i stand at a distance to my amp.

Now, i still havent solved my feedback problems and i was wondering what else there is to do - just out of curiosity - would an acoustic amplifier do any better or would it still feed back because of the volumes. Would an electric/acoustic work better because they usually have a built in preamp an eq system or would the volume still cause that to feedback?
Have you tried playing straight through a PA? I always do that and have no feedback problems (though I am usually only accompanying one singer so I don't need to be incredibly loud).
Mostly acoustic guitars should be put through PA. Though, an acoustic amp would work too.

(Also, I heard it's also okay to plugged through bass amp.)
I think a regular acoustic electric may do better, not really sure though. I've played my Takamine plugged straight into my Super Reverb, with a loud band, Super Reverb cranked to 10, the soundhole plug did a a very good job, I rarely got any feedback, but usually had the guitar volume turned down a bit since I didn't need the volume level usually.

I've also run it straight into the PA, good results, and used a good acoustic amp one night, which I should have bought, but I thought it wasn't enough power for what I was doing. Should have got it anyway, the line out into the PA would have probably worked out pretty well.

See if you can borrow an acoustic electric and try it before considering a purchase, ditto for an acoustic amp. I got a guitar store to let me take one to a gig to try it out before buying, decided the 15 watt one was not enough power for me and took it back. He had my name, address and phone number, and knew me pretty well, so if it didn't come back I wasn't hard to find...

Now I'm running through a small Behringer PA, using it as an acoustic amp, then into the main PA, that works well too, almost no feedback. Definitely loud enough for feedback, although not nearly as loud as the previous band. The 15 watt acoustic amp would be great now...yeah I'm kicking myself...
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