Hello! I'm Alliemae. I'm new to playing guitar and I was wondering if anyone could maybe give me some pointers. ^_^
Also if anyone would wonder I'm on acoustic trying to play country. I don't want to do a band it's more for personal enjoyment to play for my friends and family and those that need a little cheering up.
The best pointer I can give you is that the only person you ever have to worry about pleasing while playing the guitar is yourself... That is all that matters. If you are happy the way you play a song then it will make you want to learn more and play more....
Choose songs that you are really interested in playing... Don't worry about playing songs others want you to play... If you don't like the song then you will never play it the way it should be played.... Start thinking what songs you want to play and those that have a few chords start with first... Others that take more skill just put them to the side and come back to them later after you have more time on the guitar... And keep at it... Welcome..
The one I really want to play is called "My Best Friend" by Don Williams for my grandmother for her anniversary with her late husband who passed. That is the very first one song I want to learn. Just for her.
hi allie mae. the reasoning of your attempt to learn a particular song is very sweet.
I hope you have made progress.

anyways, welcome

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