As you might know I have a unique style and strange taste in music. What are the weirdest bands/musicians you know of and what makes them wierd to you. I'll give a bunch of examples to get this started (which is the oddest).

First is Serj Tankian. He's known for his oddball lyrics and distinct vocal style (rapid-fire vocals with an Armenian accent). The example also features Buckethead on lead.

Second is Buckethead for obvious reasons (knows too many styles of music, kill-switch action, good tapping, strange outfit, ect). I just decided to go with his signature song, "Jordan".

Next is Primus. They harmonize tritones regularly and have Les Claypool as their leader. Nuff said

Mike Patton is a famously bizarre vocalist with a unique style and vocal range of 6 and a half octaves.

Speaking of Aphex Twin ...

The Residents are classic weird. They combine Synthpop with lullabies, punk, and funk with childish aspects and dissonance.

Next is Captain Beefheart (he's hard to describe so just listen). I used his "My Human Gets Me Blues" as an example.

Frank Zappa's another obvious choice.

Allan Holdsworth is a fusion guitarist with his own language of guitar playing.

Deathspell Omega are best described as Progressive Black Metal from Hell.

Finally "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead. This song's lyrics are bizarre and the guitar solo is practically alien.
That's probably enough food for thought ...
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Super Buu (DBZ) on assimilation (it could also apply to blues guitar and guitar soloing in general).