So I found some one selling this but have never seen one of these. Anyone know what it is, and what a good price would be?

4 course lute?

edit: this is a total and bad guess. I realize the headstock isn't the correct angle
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I would say mandolin family. It has a plywood top, so not worth a lot.

This. I will add that due to the ratio of neck length to body size it is most likely a mandolin, as a mandola, octave, or mandocello would have comparatively longer necks and the tuners would also look smaller in comparison. It's impossible to be 100% sure without anything to use as size reference.

In addition to it being a lousy plywood instrument to begin with, it also has no trussrod. The frets look tiny and it probably would need a serious setup to be at all playable, and even then it will barely be playable. That is also ignoring the possibility of structural damage to the body or likely the neck (lack of trussrod), which could potentially cost a lot to fix.

There is nothing on the headstock, but the soundhole sticker looks like it says Edwards. Never heard of a brand like that, and a quick search didn't find anything. My guess is that it is some cheap no name brand. It looks like it might be pretty old, but vintage doesn't mean anything unless it is a big name or a quality instrument, and that appears to be neither.

Basically we're probably talking an old super economy instrument aimed at beginners, probably the equivalent of a brand new <$100 instrument. But since it is old and in need of work, it's almost worthless in all likelihood.

I would say don't buy it since it would be more or less worthless in working order, and as is you likely have an instrument that requires hundreds of dollars to get up and running.

Not worth it at all unless you are looking for a paperweight. Even then you have better options. If you actually want a mandolin, you would be better off with virtually anything else.
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I dug up a bit of info online on it.
It says "WARDS" in the sound hole. As in the store Montgomery Wards.
Gibson made some for them using the wards name, but I can't find any that look like this online.
That's definitely not a Gibson though. It's probably an old Kay or Silverstone or whatever, since they also used to brand mail order instruments for big stores like that. Probably dating back prewar if that's the case. There were like thousands and thousands of cheap instruments floating around back in the day when mandolin was a fad and everyone played them.

At any rate, it's still a cheap thing with little value be it monetary or as an instrument.
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