This was something I put together around early November. It started as a Mexican fender strat someone gave up on so there wasn't a scratch on it and I got it super cheap with a hardshell case. Think the only reason I bought and sold this was i had this gray/silver pearl whatever you want to call it pickguard laying around and this was one of the few instances this would work as lets face it candy apple red or something this is not going to work on.

the neck , nut and tuners were fine. Cleaned and did all the maintenance but that was it. The frets sparkled like new thanks to some mircomesh. Pure lemon oil on the fretboard. No need for any cleaners anything extreme.

so I took the old electronics out. Nothing wrong with them. I just wanted "the best"
a higher end 5 way switch - CRL maybe?
CTS pots - push pull in the middle
kept the capacitors mylar
kept the input jack stock
it was a pretty shoe string budget to do this and make money but the pickups would have went. There are some good stock pickups out there but I hate the hum from single coils with 2 wires in isolated positions 1/3/5 which was a reason i did the 7 way mod.

in the end
David Gilmour strings the blue pack. I like them way more than regular GHS strings
a silver pearl pickguard
white knobs and pickup covers
copper shielded this guitar for more clarity (got a blog on it)
kept the hardware original

wiring - my modern strat wiring schematic
one volume - A250k
normal 5 way selector
2 master tones - regular tone, fender greasebucket. So a TBX but you control each seperate to really shape the tone. There is a great article on the Greasebucket on premier guitar. In experience it works best on high output pickups.

7 way mod on the tone - use all 3 pickups or the outer 2.

and some photos. The colors worked and I was sick and tired of white pearl as if it's the only pickguard material (Mind you I sold 100s of them). The colors went together well and the customer who saw the listing and was very happy.

the 7 way mod?

and the wiring to try and or plagiarizer. I tried to keep it strat feeling but more useful for todays players needs as this isn't the 50s any more.