This might be an odd question but I'm considering either the BOSS OC3 or the Digitech Whammy 5th. I'm basically after the Octave effect and I like the sound of it and the Drive setting, its also compact. The Digitech does all this and more but how good is its octave setting? Its also BIG size wise.
Any advice, reccommendations, horror stories on either pedal would be appreciated!

When you say octave, do you mean "Original note+Octave note", or "Original note shifting to the octave note" (Only one note sounding)? If it's just the first, I say the OC3. But if you need the second/both, get the Whammy since you can control how the notes transition.
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I meant the original and the octave for that fat, fuzzy sound. Does the Whammy do both? (ie The original note and the octave?)
yes the whammy does that when set to harmony octave up/down.

nothing beats the whammy for strong octaves. i have a pitchfork and it gets really close - only sold my whammy because it was too big for my board.
How does the Whammy cope with Distortion? Because I really like the Drive tone on the OC3
Never heard a problem with the whammy handling distortion.
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The OC3 has an insane amount of tracking issues, and most of the time the distortion sounds like anus.

The Whammy is the better octave generator imho.

Look into a POG as well!
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A Micro POG might work for you too if you don't have/want to slide into the octave.

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