I've actually had the bridge version for over a month, but I recently got the neck version as well, so I thought it was time for a review. These are Seymour Duncan's Black Winter pickups, in case anyone didn't recognize that bridge pup from the pic.

These are some of the most amazing pickups I've ever tried. Period. Though they are ideal for the genre they imply (black metal), they are FAR more capable than that. I'll start with the bridge:

It has a pretty balanced EQ (on their site they say 6, 6, 6, lol). It has great clarity, but also this searing "grind" that brings out the mids. It is incredibly responsive to how you play whether it's light-soft picking or hard/soft palm muting -- the tone changes by how you're playing, and it's possible to get a variety of tones just by altering your technique. I do play black metal and death metal, and these are just devastating for that. That said, the bridge pup, when split, and run through the clean channel -- can do a very convincing twang for country or funk -- whatever's your thing, basically.

Moving on to the neck pup -- I was blown away. I'm still blown away. My experience with upgraded neck pups is more limited than with bridge versions -- but this is easily, BY FAR the best neck pickup I've ever tried. Metal leads are brilliant, liquid, and searing all at once. It is tight enough that for once, I've actually enjoyed the sound I got when playing rhythm out of it. It's indescribable how good the leads are, in fact. It seems like I'm playing faster than I really am -- every intricacy is brought out -- unlike the mud that most neck pups produce. The cleans are warm and sweet, but with some sparkle on top. When split, it can get very Strat-like, which is exactly what I've always wanted out of a guitar -- to be able to go from one extreme to another.

With both pups selected and split -- it provides a very sweet sound for blues and funk, which I play from time to time.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my purchase(s). Don't let the name fool you with these pickups -- there's something for everyone hiding inside.
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Glad to know you're enjoying them. I like your desciption of the neck pickup. I may have to try some. I really like the font they used for the SD logo on these too
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