Hey UG. I just finished doing a vocal cover of my all-time favourite song, Holy Diver in the style of Dio. I don't think I did it justice, but I did try. And I didn't use backing vocals or anything. I'd be very much interested in hearing everyone's opinions. What I did wrong, what I did right, how I could improve, just how much lay I could land .
Hah. Anyway, here it is. Holy Diver
Obviously, it's on youtube. If you guys would rather listen to it on something else (because you don't want to randomly gives views or something I guess?), please do say.
Aaaargh, frustrating! I can't hear the.. Off-time-ness. Will need to listen to the original a bunch of times again, I suppose.
I don't.. Think I'm going to be able to fix the video editing problem. I'd probably be best not bothering with video's anymore. Just put a picture of a bird up or something.
And eh.. I can assure you I've used no overdrive on that. Neither accidentally or intentionally.
The overdrive is when you overload the mic with sound. All it means is that you have to turn down the gain on the input a bit.

A picture of a bird, perfect hahaha.

That's fine on the editing. Maybe someone else can critique it for you. Being off-time is like nails on a chalk board for me, even if it's not all that bad.
I couldn't watch the video and just scrolled it out of screen to listen to it.

There were a few pitch issues in there sprinkled throughout. It's most noticeable in any of the the "away" parts.

The timing issue has already been mentioned. You're coming in a little behind the beat which is causing you to put a little rush on the lines and also resulting in breath issues which then add to the timing issues.

I wouldn't say they are massive issues, you could easily remedy them with practice. It's a lot better than I could do and I think you have some good potential. If you don't already you should get yourself a band and work with them regularly.
20tigers is totally right. If you don't have one yet Kimino, it's time to pick up a band. You got talent man.

And he's probably right on the timing thing. It's not as bad as my anal-retentive mind makes it out to be. I just hate latency, and that's what it sounds like is going on (though I know it's not).