Hey everybody,
I've been modding my strat copy for years, and I've gotten a lot of good feedback on my current design. I'm toying with the idea of wiring the whole shebang up as a prewird pickguard to sell on the side, but I'm not sure it's good enough to really fly as a product. I'm wondering if you might give me some feedback on whether or not you like the idea, or whether you have any suggestions.

So here's how it works. I've added two extra single coil pickups to the guitar, under the neck pickup, and on top of the bridge, so the guitar is essentially HSH. BUT I've picked those extra coils to mimic a Tele sound, especially the added bridge pup, which is an SD twangbanger designed for this purpose. Finally, I've replaced a tone pot with a rotary switch. Position one: everything is wired like a Strat, position two: you're wired up with only the "tele-ish" pups, position three: the neck and bridge pairs get wired in series, and the controls are essentially like a Les Paul.

I'm not going to win any awards for recording quality, but I did put together a demo vid:


Would just really appreciate any thoughts, questions, suggestions, or feedback. Thanks!
don't want to rain on your parade but this type of setup has been done before. Lace Sensor has had a side by side pickup for years that can be used as a single coil or together as a humbucker type sound for years. if you are using standard pickups then i think that string pull may be an issue thus killing sustain a bit. nice video though.
And of course there are the P-Rail pickups that have both a rail coil and a P90 coil built into a single pickup that can also be used as a humbucker by combining the coils in series or in parallel.

As for switching, it's worth looking at the old Gibson MIII, which was an HSH superstrat that had a five-way and a miniswitch. With the Miniswitch in one position, the humbuckers were in single coil mode and the five-way acted exactly as it does on a strat. With the miniswitch in the second position, the first three positions on the five-way were LP-alike, with both humbuckers in...uh...well...humbucker mode, and the positions 1-3 were bridge only, bridge&neck and neck only. The fourth position was bridge plus neck "enhanced." And the fifth position was a kill switch; everything turned off.

My HSH guitars have a five way and three miniswitches: two of the miniswitches select single coil or full humbucker, with the five way set up basically like a strat. The third miniswitch is a bridge pickup add-in switch, which allows bridge plus neck options and all three pickups together (whether the humbuckers are in single coil or humbucker modes).

Rotary switches are generally a PIA for pickup selection options on guitars, but the L6S (Gibson) had a six-way pickup selector switch that offered the usual options (neck, bridge, N&B in series, in phase) as well as N&B in series OUT of phase, N&B parallel out of phase and N&B parallel in phase. They also offered, in addition to the usual treble rolloff ("tone" control), a mids rolloff (fixed frequency, variable rolloff).

Worth noting that one of the rotary controls might be better used for mids. In addition to the fixed frequency rolloff, there's also a passive sweepable mids rolloff on a push-pull (fixed amount, variable frequency center) and the Chandler Tone-X, which is an active sweepable mids *boost* (fixed amount of boost, variable frequency) on a push-pull that functions much like a parked wah.

There are also active preamps that offer things like blend knobs and active boost/cut (of up to 15 dB) of bass and treble separately.

And finally, there are setups like the Variax that offer 25 guitar models, alternate tunings and the ability to work with the Pod series MultiFX to allow selecting these via foot control and user preset.
Quote by Tyler C
Hey everybody,
I've been modding my strat copy for years, and I've gotten a lot of good feedback on my current design.

BTW, the first instance of something like this showing up was in the late '60's, though there were Teisco guitars that had combinations close to this. Not a new idea by any means.

BTW, there are instances of pickups that had three and four coils (switchable) pretty far back. Ibanez, Hamer and others did them, and I think Lundgren did one recently...
PRS did similar, more elegantly though on the 513. i am not really a PRS guy, but the tonal possibilities are huge.
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I've seen 7 coils crammed onto a strat before. HSSSH. Dude had 2 knobs, 3 switches and a killswitch.
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